How to accompany your elderly loved one in a party

So, your elderly loved one is going to a social function and you are tasked to accompany him/her. If you are the child or grandchild of the senior citizen, it may be a huge sacrifice of time and attention whenever there are social functions mom, dad, gramps or granny would like to go to. Some might even call it a burden. But don’t you know that you can also enjoy in the elderly party? Here are some ways for you to happily accompany your elderly loved one in a party.

Dress up for the party.

You can color code with your elderly loved one so that people can see that you two are related. If the party has a certain dress code, then dress accordingly. You have to make yourself presentable as possible. Do not wear something that will make you uncomfortable or that will prevent you from moving around and assisting your elderly loved one. Also, do not overdress for the occasion.

Monitor your loved one.

You aren’t there to sit around and talk with younger guests. You aren’t there to sit and scroll down your smartphone, either. You are in that certain party to accompany your grandparent(s) or parent(s). It is your duty to look after him/her for every minute that passes. Make sure he/she is safe whenever he/she walks around. Or if he/she feels tired, make sure to have him/her seated or you can return home safely.

Bring essentials.

You have to bring a kit of medications, bottled water, biscuits, a fan, valid ID or other things your elderly loved one might need. Parties may not start on time or may have dragging activities. So it is best to ask your elderly loved one if he/she feels alright every now and then.


You can also enjoy the party by eating right, talking to other elderly people, meeting new people and taking photos of your elderly loved one. If you can see that your elderly loved one is enjoying the party, you will also feel a sense of happiness.

But if you are the type of person who is too occupied to accompany his/her parent(s) or grandparent(s) to a party, you can request the assistance of a healthcare professional at UC-Cares Home Health Services! UC-Cares Home Health Services offers you a wide range of home health services here at Great Plains Way, Bolingbrook, IL.

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